'Inversionistas Hispanos 2020' launches in Orlando for international Hispanic investors



‘Inversionistas Hispanos 2020’ launches in Orlando for international Hispanic investors

For immediate release: 12/30/2019

Orlando, FL. From January 29th to January 31st, PES (Private Equity Solutions) and PES Homes will be hosting the ‘Inversionistas Hispanos 2020’ event in Orlando. This event is catered to international Latin investors who want to grow their funds in the US or look for ways to get a visa through their investments in the country.

The US economy remains today one of the most stable economies in the world. Given the uncertainty of the currency and political situation of many other countries, the dollar remains a symbol of security.

While the general slowdown persists in Latin America, and the 2020 forecasts according to media reflect that this year will have its period of least growth in 40 years, Hispanic investors from all over the world turn to real estate and the economy of the United States as a security standard for its funds and assets.

With wages per capita falling over 4% in the last 6 years under pressure from the situation in Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, the value of many investments, properties, and businesses continues to fall globally throughout the South American continent and the Caribbean.

Because of this, in recent years, PES (Private Equity Solutions) and PES Homes have become a partner and support for Hispanic investors inside and outside the United States in moving their funds to this country and continuing to grow its capital safely in one of the safest industries in the country: real estate.

On January 30th, the ‘Hispanic Investors 2020 ’seminars will take place all day at the Aloft hotel in Orlando with qualified investors from different countries and locations.

In this event, investors will get information not only on different forms of real estate-based investments, but also on economic and legal data of interest on the different visa options and opportunities for foreign investors and business owners in the USA.

These are some of the topics that will be discussed:

- EB2 and EB5 visas: details of visas, current laws, and qualifications with recognized attorneys of the state of Florida. - Passive Income Investments - Collateral notes program with 6% - 8% insured return. - Private investment fund at 8%. - Preferred Loan Program - Extraordinary investment opportunities for private loans with an 8% return on investment. - Wealth management in the stock market - Insurances related to your investments and assets in the United States (health, home, life, etc.) These topics will be discussed and presented by recognized professionals in law, real estate, insurance and finance from Florida and Puerto Rico. The event is open and available on Eventbrite for those interested in assisting.

About PES (Private Equity Solutions):

Private Equity Solutions, LLC was organized by Ferdinand J. Ruano in June 2010. It is a private held, value focused, real estate investment company based in Miami and Puerto Rico. With the rise of its Seller Financing Program in early 2014, Private Equity Solutions made owning a home within reach of all who aspire to homeownership. In fact, it has made it just as easy to own as it is to rent for those deserving homebuyers. The Private Equity Solutions programs have become America’s vital replacement to missing credit opportunities of today’s gridlocked mortgage industry creating the much-needed solution for buyers and sellers alike. As Private Equity Solutions continues to grow it will begin to build it’s following among residential and high-end luxury property markets where creative transacting needs are in high demand.

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PES – http://www.peseasysolutions.com/

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