Private Equity Solutions announces the construction of 50 new homes in Cape Coral

Miami, FL – Puerto Rican real estate investment company Private Equity Solutions, also known as PES, announced with the start of the year, the construction of 50 new homes in Cape Coral and its surroundings. The company that was recently in the news due to its changes in home design to accommodate COVID-19 influence in real estate trends, communicated some of the details and designs they are working on.

Real Estate is still expected to be strong in 2021. Being a sellers’ market in most parts of the country due to low inventory and high demand plus home pricing, new developments is definitely the way to go for many.

The new homes developed by one of the funds in Private Equity Solutions are thinking of the future and the impact today’s situation will have in customer taste and needs. Florida has been positioning itself as a hot and desired market by many during 2020 and with certain changes here to stay, it seems like it will continue to be.

“With many employers not requiring employees to go back to work in an office anymore, suburban areas will continue to be the most desired ones and best for rental properties” said Ferdinand Ruano, CEO of PES “People are looking for lifestyle and that is what we intend to give them”.

January 4th, the company announced the construction of 50 new homes in the Cape Coral area as part of the properties developed under one of their investment funds. The new homes start in the low 300s with office space, 3 bedrooms or more and a minimum 2 bathrooms. They are also adding private pools which are coming in high demand, bigger garages for pickup trucks, outdoor kitchen and bathrooms and finishes that are just in line with the latest trends.

The decision to build in South West Florida and more particularly in this area came after they saw the potential growth, development plans in the area and changes in consumer behavior.

Private Equity Solutions is a private investment firm dedicated to different forms of real estate investment. From Private Placement Capital Funds, to hard money lending, collateralized mortgage notes and more. The company which thrived and grew during the previous crisis is now creating a new project with new investors.


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