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International conference 'Inversionistas Hispanos 2021' will take place in Orlando

The conference will host international Spanish-speaking professionals and go over subjects such as real estate, wealth management, stock market and bitcoin, taxes or visas, and laws for investors interested in the US.

ORLANDO, Fla. The international conference for Hispanic investors known as INVERSIONISTAS HISPANOS 2021 will take place this year in Orlando, FL on September 16th.

The conference which hosted about 400 virtual attendees last year will be in Spanish and have speakers of different nationalities that will talk on subjects such as real estate, wealth management, stock market and bitcoin, taxes or visas for investors, and taxation laws.

This time around with a capacity for 80 people due to current circumstances, it will be a full-day conference with breakfast, lunch, and evening cocktail going from $85 to $120 per ticket. This 1-day conference will highlight the importance of diversification and collaboration between real estate specialists, lawyers, wealth management, and

accountants to help those investors who are here in the US and those who invest from abroad as well as the opportunities between locations like Florida and Puerto Rico or what Orlando has to offer for Hispanic investors from all over the world.

The event which was initially thought of as an educational and collaborative project by Ferdinand Ruaño, CEO of Private Equity Solutions, has grown into an international conference and will add as a key partner in Orlando the figure of American Title Trust and its owner Luany Aranky as well as other companies and local organizations such as the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.

This event is perfect not just for investors

but also for finance and real estate professionals and has the support of local and national organizations.

Tickets range between $85 and $120 and are available on Eventbrite. Visitors from out of the city will be able to get special rates for a limited time at the Marriott Courtyard and SpringHill Suites in Lake Nona mentioning the conference.


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