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What is it like to live in South Florida?

CEO Ferdinand Ruano tells us about how it is to live in South Florida. The video is recorded in some of the new developments they are building in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral areas. After building over 20 homes there, they have grown their investment to potentially build another 40 homes during 2021.

Southwest Florida is a new hot spot for construction. Check the tour of the model home PES created. You can get a 3D virtual tour on your own here.

Most of these homes are all tile, granite, office at home (can be closed up), private pool, and much more. The new models will come with a bigger kitchen and more cabinet space. Those new models are already being built for 2021.

The area of Cape Coral in South West Florida is growing according to Ferdinand Ruano 10-12% in square foot value. PES develops these homes as part of their investment funds and other real estate investment products. This gives investors teh opportunity to purchase a home or invest smaller amounts in real estate funds.

Many of the homes are eligible for 100% financing with one of their lending partners. You can always contact our team to learn more about the units on this phone number 239-529-0159 and ask for Esther Ortiz.

The properties also come with big backyards which is one of the things people are requesting during the pandemic.

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