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Tired of living in the city? Tired of Miami? Tired of being locked down in an apartment?

People are tired of living in the city. Many of those coming to us are tired of living in Miami.

As 2020 goes by, the general feeling is that most individuals and families don't want to be locked up in an apartment or live in highly crowded areas anymore.

This is why PES is developing more 3 bedroom and 2 bath homes in an area where they are asking us for more. The SWFL area has a lifestyle that matches all the needs most look for right now. With warm weather most of the year, properties with large backyards and many other features like a beach nearby, it is an ideal location.

Understanding how consumer behavior is changing is giving us the opportunity to create homes that are perfect not just during the pandemic but further on. Our new developments include office space for the work-from-home option, everything is tiled up so it's easy to disinfect. We even include water softeners for good water quality in the property.

Thinking of purchasing one? Check them out on our site by clicking here or contact Esther Ortiz from our team at 239-529-0159


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