Private Equity Solutions launches bilingual educational platform on its site

The investment firm decided to increase their online footprint by creating a learning platform within their site to educate real estate and investment professionals.

The investment firm decided to increase their online footprint by creating a learning platform within their site to educate real estate and investment professionals on trends and tools that can be of interest to the industry and gives most of the information for free.

The new platform, named PES Academy after it's parent company PES (Private Equity Solutions) intends to share some of the videos created for their summits and conferences, as well as articles of interest, seminars from partners in industries such as law or accounting, new live events (online and offline), and tutorials that can be of use to professionals in the industry in subjects like sales or marketing.

The new platform is live as of August 21st and will be complete with more information through September. "We were thinking of creating more webinars and live classes and we had so much success with our conference INVERSIONISTAS HISPANOS 2020 that we decided to build it up and make it all available under one page for everyone" said CEO Ferdinand Ruano. "With all the changes happening in the world right now and technology and information becoming the epicenter of everything needed for success, we decided to build PES Academy".

The platform doesn't certify you but counts with the presence and collaboration of certified accountants, lawyers, marketers, wealth management professionals and more. The concept behind it is showcasing the knowledge, leadership and partnerships of the company while attracting new investors and personnel. "While real estate is doing great, not everyone has adapted to the new way of doing things or has the knowledge we have on subjects such as foreign investments in the US. We want to teach others what we know and help the overall industry with our expertise" confirmed Ferdinand.

In the month of July, PES organized INVERSIONISTAS HISPANOS 2020 with close to 400 attendees worldwide signing up for the 1-week conference. The event was thought out as a summit where each day different subjects were discussed and exposed by professionals in the area. From law to accounting, real estate or explaining insurance products, INVERSIONISTAS HISPANOS 2020 became a reference for the Hispanic community in and out of the states who wants to invest in the USA. With over a dozen speakers from nationalities such as Puerto Rican, Spanish, American, Colombian and more, it became the first of a summit that will now repeat every year and the base to build PES Academy as epicenter of information in the industry.


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