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COVID-19 leads to mayor changes on how homes are built

As COVID-19 hit countries worldwide this 2020, a change in working procedures and lifestyle took effect. From the way we do business to where and how we want to live life, things are not the same and consumer requirements are changing. All this affected what people ask for in a home and where they want to live in more ways than the obvious and the industry is responding to it.

The location of preference to live is changing rapidly as more families prefer to live out of the city to avoid high contagious areas and living in apartments where lockdowns are significantly harder for many. Certain states are receiving a high influx of people while others are losing companies and citizens.

As health and caring for family members become a priority, anything that makes a home easier to clean, disinfect or have a healthier lifestyle becomes a selling point. Some of the changes or preferences from consumers in this area according to what Private Equity Solutions, a real estate investment firm observed include less rug, more tile and easy to clean surfaces and floors all around. Also bigger windows that allow fresh air and sun's vitamin C and light in, air filters and water softening systems to ensure healthy water in the house without depending on supermarket in case of decrease in supply.

Lifestyle has changed and with lockdowns being now a constant possibility, people want their home to have everything and be their own oasis. This is why so many real estate professionals are observing an increase in the demand for bigger backyards, outdoor space and private pools. "We have seen a change big enough in what people are demanding that we stopped new construction momentarily to change the blueprints of the forty homes we're building in South West Florida to adapt them to current and future needs" said the CEO of PES , Ferdinand Ruano . "We all want the pandemic to go away but reality is that many of the things we're seeing now like remote work are here to stay and we need to account for that when we design a product".

Some of the changes and additions his company has made to the new houses being built was to include a closed up office space for remote work, studying nook for homeschooled children, private pools included in the pricing and even outdoor bathroom.

Private Equity Solutions is building new homes in the South West Florida. They have been developing in this area for the last 2 years and are now getting an influx of out of state buyers as well as individuals from Miami and big cities in Florida who want the Florida lifestyle.


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