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Cape Coral Best Cities in Florida

Cape Coral has become one of the best cities in Florida to invest in real estate according to many. What makes this city such a popular choice among real estate investors is the exceptional affordability of local homes. Even though, we are seeing more and more luxury properties being built.

Cape Coral is also a good location for vacation rentals (this place is especially popular among international tourists). If you invest in a vacation rental, you can increase your rental prices when the season is high, hence boost your landlord’s income. However, areas like this have tourism all year long with higher peaks during the holidays, summer, and spring break.

Average rental price: $1,404/mo

Median home value: $215,201

Source: June 2021

Private Equity Solutions is developing about 50 homes in Cape Coral at the moment as part of the efforts to increase revenue under the Fund.


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