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South West Florida Construcion

South West Florida New Construction

As part of our portfolio of services and investments, we develop high-quality affordable homes for purchase and rental purposes. Our current developments are new builds located on North Port and Cape Coral. 

All of the homes in our portfolio developed by PES include high-end finishes such as tiled floors throughout the house, granite, and hurricane-proof windows. 

The homes have prices between 250k and 350k with square footage between 1500 sq ft and 1900 sq ft. Learn more about the properties below.

Custom options


Choose between our high-end finish options included. There's something you would like to have and don't see? Just contact our team.


* 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms 

* 1,868 square feet

* Tile and wood-like finished floors to choose from

* Walk-in master closet

* Separate tub and shower in master bathroom

* Granite countertops 

* Waterfall finish on kitchen countertop

* 2 car garage 

* Hurricane-proof Windows 

* Private pool included in most properties

* Stainless steel appliances 

* Irrigation system 

* Water Softener 

* No HOA



Luxury in the 300s

As part of our portfolio of services and investments, we develop high-quality homes for different demographics and needs. Our current construction sites are new builds located in  Cape Coral and its surroundings. 

All of the homes in our portfolio developed by PES include high-end finishes such as tiled floors, granite, and hurricane-proof windows. In this case, most of our Veyron homes come with a private pool.

These independent homes over 1700 sq ft do not have an HOA and start in the 300s. 

South West Florida is known for its great beaches and lifestyle. With plenty of entertainment, stores and restaurants, the ocean activities are probably what attract many of those who come. 


Its unique characteristics make it perfect for different types of real estate investment. Known as an ideal area for snowbirds from the North to come on vacation or for retirement, it is also flooded with European citizens and an area where many young families and professionals are moving.


This interesting mix in demographics make South West Florida, and particularly the Cape Coral area, great not just for a vacation home or investment property, but also for a first-time buyer. 

CONTACT OUR TEAM: (786) 536-6118 or 239-529-0159 


What finishes would you prefer? 

If you are interested in one of this homes, tell us what finishes you would prefer and our team will call you!
What color whould you prefer for the cabinets?
Which granite is your favorite for kitchen and bathrooms?
What is your favourite choice of floors?


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